Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Change of Plan - Re-routed to Libby, Montana

We left Bozeman this morning at 7:30. It was cool, so we wore our raingear over top of our clothes. When we got to Townsend, Montana we met a woman with a pickup truck full of dogs. She was driving with them in the back with the tailgate down. They use the dogs to round up their thousand head of cattle and they were on their way to chase cows this morning. The two breeds in the back of the truck were Blue Healers and Australian Shepherds. The Shepherds have one or two white eyes.
I missed the secondary road that cuts from Seeley Lake over to St. Ignatius, so we carried on to Kallispell, Montana. The Oak Ridge Boys were giving a free concert there so the motel owners decided to charge double. We carried on to Libby. Today was our longest travel day of the trip at 425 miles. This makes our trip to Grand Forks a lot shorter tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the gang there!

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