Friday, July 30, 2010

A Ride Across the Line

Blake took the day off yesterday and he and I rode to Bellingham for the first service on Blake's new Fat Boy Lo. We explored Bellingham a bit while the bike was in the shop, but the best part of the trip was stopping in at my cousin Shannon and John's place in Birch Bay. Kacey and Graham were there with Joad and Graham's parents and aunt Nadine. Johnny served us a great barbecued cheese burger to help get us home.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Ride out to Cultus Lake

Sunday afternoon we took a ride out Zero Avenue to Abbotsford, then on to Yarrow and Cultus Lake. It was a great ride along the border and back. The lake is a real hotspot!

Off to Vancouver Island for the Weekend

On Saturday morning the boys and their buddies dropped in for breakfast on their way to Victoria for an overnighter. That's quite a motorcycle gang!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Burn Ride

The HOG ride I went on last weekend was the best. We escorted a few busloads of burn kids out to their first day of camp near Stave Lake. More than a hundred Harley Davidsons took part. When we got there we had a big barbecue and gave rides to the kids on our motorcycles. They were very happy to have us there. I am looking forward to next year's burn ride. In the picture, a group of burn kids are making their choice for the best motorcycle award.

Overnight Trip to Lillooet

Jane and I took a trip to Lillooet for a stay overnight earlier this month. It turns out that there is a free concert outside every Friday night there all summer. The concert we attended featured the Blue Voodoos blues band. They were exceptional. We had a good trip up through Pemberton and back through the Canyon. Maybe we will make another Friday night concert in Lillooet this year.

New Handlebars for the Big Green Bike

Since Blake got the big Apehanger handlebars for his Fat Boy Lo, I took a shine to his stock handlebars and got some 1 1/4" risers so I could install them on my bike. I like them a lot - they lower my hand position just enough to improve comfort, they are internally wired and I think they look great, too!

Collector Plates for the old Kawasaki

Dusty applied for Collector Plates for his 1979 Kawasaki EH100 a long time ago. He received them in early July. We took our bikes for a ride down to Starbucks at Robson and Thurlow. A fellow there remembered that we had the Kawasaki there once before. That was amazing. It is a great little 2-stroke bike with only 1000 km on it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blake's New Bike

#2 son Blake decided to buy his new Fat Boy Lo in June. He got the big black apehanger handlebars and blacked out signal lights. I like the license plate holder. With the lone leather HD saddle bag, it is a great looking bike!

First HOG Ride of the Year

One of the first Harley Owner's Group rides of the year was one to Harrison Hot Springs in May. What a great destination for a ride out the Lougheed Highway. It was awesome! And the pub we stopped at in Harrison Hot Springs had some great food. Conversation at lunch centred around Sturgis. The ride back included a tour of Rosedale. I had never been there, it was very beautiful. Very nice ride.

Ride Down to Demo Day

Dusty and I wanted to go to Demo Day at Trev Deeley's in April to try out the new Sportster lineup. I put the video camera back on the handlebar of my motorcycle and followed the young folks all the way from our place to Trev Deeley's. This time I sped it up a bit and set it to a little Blackeyed Peas music. Check it out at

Robson Ride

In early April #1 son, Dusty and I went to the Car Show at GM Place. I attached the video camera to my handlebar and taped Dusty riding up Robson toward the Garage, then I put in a little George Thorogood music after that. Check it out at

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Put my bike on the dyno

While I was busy in February volunteering for the Olympics driving speedskaters to the Olympic Oval, I had the guys from Trev Deeley's come and get the bike and put it on the dyno. With the new modified pipes and an Arlen Ness Big Sucker air filter, I wanted them to tune my Power Commander V for the best air/fuel ratio and power settings. I got 74.3 horsepower and 87.5 ft/lb of torque!

Dusty got new handlebars for Christmas

Although we had company for Christmas, Dusty and I spent the better part of the holidays in the driveway installing new Roland Sands designed handlebars on his bike. It was fun and they look amazing!

Modified Pipes

Since Dusty put straight pipes on his Street Bob when he bought it, in November I looked at his stock pipes with the idea of modifying them for sound and power. I welded in an automotive pipe and cut and shaped it to look like the old screaming eagle slip-on baffle. Sounds great! I eventually put together a youtube video of the process of taking the Harley to Stage 1. The sound is good, but the performance is even better. Check it out at

Hallowe'en Pumpkin

For Hallowe'en I carved the Harley Davidson skull logo onto the pumpkin. It was the first pumpkin carving job I did that received a bunch of positive comments from the trick or treaters!

The Toy Ride

I just got back from the IPE National AGM in Winnipeg in early October when Dusty and I rode in the Toy Run to the PNE Grounds.

A Horse in a Drive Through?

On our way back, we stopped in Squamish and saw some horses going through the drive through at Wendy's.

First Good Ride

A week after we bought it Jane and I rode to Pemberton and took in a car show. It was a beautiful day and a great ride!

Buying my first Harley Davidson

Here I am in the store having a look at the 2009 Softail Custom that I bought when they dropped the price $3,000. This was Sept. 19, 2009.